Zugo electric city car is a car for future

Electric cars are a thing for the future and it would not be wrong to say that the electric cars will one day replace the gasoline and diesel powered vehicles as our most preferred vehicles. The use of electric cars will be good for us because it will help protect the environment and also help in the conservation of fossil fuels. Many companies and innovative automotive designers are busy developing electric car models these days and one such gifted designer is Milos Paripovic. This Croatian designer developed an electric car named Zugo and this car was Milos’ official entry to the automotive design conference in Europe. This conference was held in 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. Milos’ design was lauded by many and it bagged the fifth place at the prestigious conference.

ZUGO electric city car

Milos’ electric car is low-cost machine and he has got the inspiration to design this open-source electric city from original Zugo 45, which was launched in 1978 by Zastava Corporation. Milos is hopeful that his car would attract the attention of those who used to ride around in old Zastava models. He is confident that the car will also find many takers among ecoenthusiasts. This car is very easy to maintain and users can do the modifications and repairs by themselves.

This car has got a similar look to the old car as Milos has kept the dimensions and some lines shape. The edges are also similar to old car. This car has got a retro-modern look but it looks highly attractive. The success of Zugo will inspire other designers to develop for electric cars in future. It is expected that Zugo would do good business in Croatia and neighboring countries.

Via: Milos Paripovic

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