Zoomla Bike folds into a backpack

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With urban roads crying for space, portable vehicles have become an essential, rather integral, mode of transportation for brisk as well as safe traveling, making cities a better place to live in. Addressing the issue, designer Eric Stoddard has designed a quick and portable bike called the Zoomla that presenting a compact and sleek design promises a better alternative for around-town commuting. Featuring a unique L-frame design finished with TorqSteer, the Zoomla briskly (in just two seconds) folds to fit in a school locker. Pretty amazing! Swapping a conventional steering tube and greasy chains with an integrated handle and Zoomla’s Pedaldeck respectively, the portable bike (when trimmed) weighs just 5kg, so that you may simply carry it as a backpack, attached below the seat. The Zoomla not just makes your way through cramped city roads, but also gives a style statement to modern commuters.

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Via: Bicycle Design

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