ZOOM Rih sportsbike captures what you do on the road

zoom rih 1
Coming from the house of ZOOM-DesignAgency, a Germany-based creative company, the “Rih” (Arabic translation of Wind) is a bike concept devised for a small series production that meets the special requirements of hobby racers. Featuring a windshield, mounted just above the twin RAM air inlets, finished with a single piece, the ZOOM Rih touts uncompromising performance, weight, aerodynamics and chassis design as well. The windshield also locates a hidden camera, in the middle, for onboard-video recording, so the rider may assess his or her ride after each practice or on-the-track performance.

Integrating unusual but at the same time unique design elements, the competitive sportbike comes with two lung-shaped membranes, on the fuel tank, connected to the airbox that reacts to the air pressure to create a breathing impression in the airbox. Powered by 1000cc V4 engine, borrowed from the Aprilia V4 superbike, the ZOOM Rih replacing standard tubular frames incorporates additional transverse tube structures, allocating extra rigidity to the bike. Moreover, the prominent logos integrated into the tires using thermochrome pigments, which changes color according to the temperature, letting you know if the tires are up to optimum temperature.

zoom rih 2
zoom rih 3

Via: Diseno-art

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