Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag lets you personalize your sleeping needs

Common knowledge amongst campers dictates that a good sleeping bag should not only provide your whole body with full protection from the weather in the outdoors but also offer optimum coverage from various crawling creatures that might creep onto the exposed parts of your body when you’re spending the night in the woods. But there are some people who just cannot sleep with their entire bodies protected inside a full-coverage sleeping bag, which is why, someone has had the brilliant idea of creating a sleeping bag that lets you cover up only the parts that you want to cover/ keep warm and keep the other areas of your body exposed/ ventilated.

Zippered Vent

The Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag is one such patented creation that comes with four outer zippers that let users personalize a sleeping bag to cover or leave open any region of the chest, waist, knees and ankles according to their own requirements. A 20º F insulation rated four-layer microfiber is filled inside the soft cotton flannel lining and the 210 thread-count rip-stop nylon outer shell of the rectangular bag.

Zippered Vent

The Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag comes with support your head with a built-in sleeve that can be used to slip in the pillow included in the package. The sleeping bag measures 72″ in length, 31” in width and 3″ in depth and weighs 5 and a half pounds. With a nylon stuff sack, the Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag can fit people up to 6’1” in height and costs $119.95 with a Lifetime Guarantee from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Source: Hammacher

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