Zhuhai Opera House bears a stone stack design

the zhuhai opera 01
Based on the traditional Chinese principle of ‘balance’ from five element theory, the SPF Architects has come up with a unique architecture dubbed “Zhuhai Opera House” that gives an appearance of huge pebbles stacked one on top of the other. Located in the city of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province (China), the opera house will accommodate a 1500 seat auditorium, large plaza gathering space, rehearsal hall, restaurants and other public amenities. Drawing its name from the Chinese word ‘dieshi’ meaning ‘a stacking rock,’ the structure incorporates the critical geographic and cultural element of Zhuhai city. While the natural elements are enforced by a forest behind the structure, which gives an impression of growth and sustainability.

the zhuhai opera 02
the zhuhai opera 03
the zhuhai opera 04
the zhuhai opera 05
the zhuhai opera 06

Via: Designboom

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