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Zep lamp models itself on an old age blimp with an air filled bellow

If you are bored of things that look swish, svelte and modern, then you must take a look at this graphic piece. The design of this lamp has been inspired from a 20th century German airship. A refreshing change from the stark clean lines around you, this piece of retro-futurism is truly outrageous. The lamp, made up of springs and a crane-like haul that goes up and down, fulfills your fantasies of being an airship pirate or a genius inventor from the steampunk age.

Blimp lamp

The gasbag profile of the piece is perfect for a lampshade. Its contour is like the Zeppelin lightweight structures. Made from burnished steel and brass, its mechanized look is very masculine. Fans of retrotronics will surely like to get a hand on the rusticated piece. Moreover, the lamp will look really cool in a masculine study. All men, whether they are teenage boys or slightly older yuppies, would love to have a lamp like this sitting on their desktop.

Mellifluous light oozes out from the 168 low voltage LEDs. Not only is the lamp energy efficient, but the illumination is quite bright making it a good choice for your night time studying exploits. Just because the exterior is antique, doesn’t mean that the lamp leaves new age functionality behind. The lampshade is held in place by a hand forged steel springs. The long arm of the lamp can be stationed at various angles, thus the light falls on the exact spot desired.

Its craftsmanship is also laud worthy. The fine looking mechanized unit is made by hand. Many fittings have been slotted in for ease of operation. Just below the lamp are two custom switches. The amazing piece, which looks sort of misplaced in time, has been crafted by the talented Italian designer, Flaminio Bovino. You might want to take a decision fast if you are interested in this blimp lookalike as it is a limited edition design.

Via: Flaminio Bovino

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