Zan MP3 player adds a refreshing aroma to your music

zan mp3 player

Music is as essential as food or a cup of coffee (for that matter) to lead a sound, harmonious life. Drawing inspiration from a cup of coffee/tea, South Korean designer Younghyuk Choi has come up with an innovative music player that seems to add a refreshing aroma to your music. Dubbed the “Zan,” meaning cup in Korean, the MP3 player concept features an exclusive interface, especially designed to satisfy the emotional desire of the user. Users can change the track or control volume by rotating the ring controls at the top surface, while the earphones connect to the handle of the cup to personalize the music.

zan mp3 player 04
zan mp3 player 01
zan mp3 player 03
zan mp3 player 02

[Cheers Younghyuk]

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