Z-Cart becomes an electric scooter to move around those massive stores

z cart

Shopping stores or malls may bring the whole market under one roof, but moving around those large stores with your massive monthly purchase becomes a challenging task for the consumers. Providing a solution, Turkish designer Mete A. Mordag has come up with a multitasking cart named the “Z-Cart” that apart from providing adequate space for your shopping, also moves you through large stores with ease. For the cart integrates an optional stand-up scooter, driven at a standing position, to allow speedy and comfortable shopping. Moving you at 6km/h, the shopping cart cum scooter comes equipped with infrared sensors, attached to the front and back, to allow a safe drive as well as shipping.

z cart 02
z cart 05
z cart 01
z cart 04
z cart 03

Via: Designspooter

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