Yves Behar creates the Big Jambox for Jawbone

To fill a large space with sound, Yves Behar, has created a louder and larger version of their wireless Jambox range of audio speakers. The creative director at electronics brand Jawbone, Behar styled the Big Jambox along the same lines as the original portable. As a result, the base, back, top and front of the Jambox with textured metal mesh wrapping as well as vibration reducing rubber feet. The Big Jambox is devised to be paired with Bluetooth devices wirelessly and can support up to eight devices at a time. Buttons on the case allow the user to adjust settings and manipulate controls.

Big Jambox by Yves Behar

Big Jambox in Red Dot finish

For making calls via FaceTime or Skype, the Big Jambox also comes with an included microphone. Weighing 1.23 kilograms, the Big Jambox measures 25.6 cm wide x 8 cm tall x 9.3 cm deep which makes it slightly bigger than the original. Developed with the aim of allowing technology to be integrated within everyday life seamlessly, the Jawbone original design features a refined simplicity that oozes via its clear geometric forms.

Big Jambox in Graphite Hex finish

The visually and tactilely stunning Big Jambox also provides an optimum level of functionality via its relief features. The subtle relief is defined via the way the light catches the dot, hex and textures and provides a visual playfulness while minimizing material thickness.

Big Jambox in White Wave finish

The robustness and structural integrity of the Big Jambox is maximized by this series of patented textures and perforated metal wraps. The Big Jambox is offered in three textures and colors including Red Dot, White Wave and Graphite Hex and starts retailing at £260 later this year.

Via: Dezeen

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