Yuxa wearable cellphone made from plant fibers and biodegradable plastic

yuxa wearable cellphone  01

Conceived by Mexican designer Veronica Eugenia Rodriguez Ortiz, the “Yuxa” is a cellphone concept that you can wear around your wrist like a watch or a bracelet. Removing the sound with vibration, the wearable cellphone works with Bluetooth technology, which the user need to remove from the wrist to make a call. Made from ecological materials such as plant fibers and biodegradable plastic, the green gadget features an OLED display and rechargeable battery that flattens its shape with the wrist movement of the user. You can set vibrations at different frequencies for different users. In short, the Yuxa allows an altogether new way of communication.

yuxa wearable cellphone  02
yuxa wearable cellphone 03
yuxa wearable cellphone  04
yuxa wearable cellphone  05
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yuxa wearable cellphone  06

[Cheers Veronica]

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