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Yoyo inspired gadgets to get geeks playful

There are certain things which never lose their charm even after having descended over centuries or irrespective of newer technological advancements being innovated and introduced in their respective confined department. Such is the case with the all-time favorite Yo yo pocket toy. It is one of the most handy and playful modes of entertainment which has ruled the hearts of millions overs the years right from kids to adults, thereby captivating the interest of people belonging to all age groups. However, with newer inventions in the gizmo gadgetry world, yo-yo toys have now broken the standard confinements of just consisting of a spool and a length of string knotted at one end, and have gone way beyond to capture and cover newer horizons of the entertainment segment, mix-matched with latest technologies to create better versions and funkier modes of enjoyment. Listed below are the 10 best innovations done with this ancient toy-piece.

YoYo Mouse by Shih-Chan Chiu

To nullify the repercussions of sticking to the computer for incessant hours which can lead to innumerable health issues like sore wrists, numb legs and stiff back to mention some, designer Shih-Chan Chiu has invented this geeky Yo-Yo wireless mouse which enables you to take a break from your computer work load and relax and re-energize yourself by getting up and indulging in some Yo-Yo tricks which can ease off the accumulated tension in certain most-effected parts of your body like the back, legs and wrists. However, the only issue with this gadget is that it runs out of battery very fast, so if you’re used to using a wireless mouse which needs constant recharging, this one is for you as it lets you get into some playful geeks amidst an intense job-work.

Regen music player

Keeping in mind the careless and carefree attitude of teens of the current generation, designers Chris Aimone and Tomek Bartczak decided to pump up more fun into their lifestyle by camouflaging a music player with Yo-Yo in an attempt to create a revolutionary effect in the music and gaming world. As for adults, this concept brings out the child in them. However, the best is yet to show up as this gadget self-charges itself without being dependent on any grid system or batteries. Now, that’s what we call an additional “green” feather in the cap. All you need to do is practice 10 to 12 slings to charge up the power of your music system for an hour.

Spin and play MP3 player

French designer Nicolas Cinguion has come up with an excellent, neat and practical idea in the category of youthful electrical and digital devices. Conceptualized for S. Electrics and named as S.MP3, this gadget consists of a music player which has been fused with and presented to look like a normal Yo-Yo toy. The latest version comes with a cable rolled within a rubber cover which simply has to be spinned to catch up with your favorite numbers. Following the green music concept, when you stretch the string of the MP3 player, the energy resulting from it automatically gets transformed into useful electrical power which in turn charges the built-in batteries of the gadget. Truly speaking, such devices are the ‘need of the hour’ in order to save the planet from the clutches of global warming.

YOYO MP3 concept

Finding an easy way out for the messy cables of your portable media player or mobile phone from congesting your pocket or backpack, designer Peter Rosengren took inspiration from Vintage stereos and created a wonderful solution for the same in the form of a concept player. This device enables you to place the cords in the track by winding it around the player like a Yo-Yo game, thereby securing the placement of the cords with the head phones. A very smart resort, I should say.

YoYo Phone

Designer Shaik Ridzwan, heavily inspired by the traditional Yo-Yo toy and jewelry, created this compact powder-case looking Yo-Yo phone which comes equipped with a “Trick Mode” as the user has to perform some tricks to bring it to operation mode and to call-up an assigned contact. This gadget enables the turning of the spool while suspended in mid-air, just as a Yo-Yo toy, contains wireless ear-phones and appears like a precious pearl ring which, when snapped from the leash ring, looks like pearl earrings. Undoubtedly, entertainment and communication both have been very articulately clubbed in this attractive device.

Pullight Dynamo by Sebastien Sauvage

The Pullight Dynamo is a device that features a flashlight which obtains its power from stored kinetic energy which it gets by pulling a string of the yo-yo. The dynamo consists of a 3-phase motor within, which delivers additional power from very little kinetic energy. Designed by Sebastien Sauvage, this gadget is capable of charging other devices as well, like an i-Pod or a mobile phone. Moreover, it is waterproof and provides the best alternative for emergency situations.

YoYo Phone by ModeLabs

ModeLabs launches its most advanced model of a phone which has been clubbed with the concept of a Yo-Yo toy. This edition focuses on regenerating power automatically by signalling the usage of small batteries or even dismissing it totally. The gadget has been designed to be worn around the neck and the prototype operates by recycling the bouncing and swinging movements created by its user which in turn would instigate the generation and extraction of power from its in-built solar batteries.

Yoyo Mobile Phone charger

The Yo-Yo mobile phone charger is an innovative step towards a “green tomorrow” as it operates by harvesting an entirely different and unique form of renewable energy in the face of kinetic energy. The charger consists of an in-built dynamo that enables converting energy from motion created by spinning the device which would generate valuable electricity which in turn would charge up the on-board battery. Once the device accumulates enough charge, it can be connected to other portable electronic items for charging them.

YoGen yo-yo gadget charger

The YoGen by Easy Energy has established a hand yo-yo gadget charger which uses the flywheel alternator technology to charge-up small portable electronic gadgets like a cell-phone. All you have to do is use your muscle strength to spin the mini flywheel by pulling it which in turn would produce a steady steam of energy or power up to 5 watts. As per the company’s claims, a one minute pull is enough to charge up your cell phone completely. This yo-yo gadget charger has been priced at $40.

iYo – Yo-Yo your way to charge up your iPhone

iYo is the coolest and most stylish way of charging up your iPhone. Designed by a Sweden-based engineer Peter Thuvander who capitalizes on using a yo-yo toy to generate mechanical energy which in turn helps in charging up an iPhone by converting the energy generated by the movement of the yo-yo, functioning on the principle of electromagnetic induction and storing the charge generated in a small Li-ion battery. In this manner, the designer has enabled the charging up of your latest cool gadget by using human power at any given point of time. Now that’s what we call a clean, cool and unique source of energy.

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