YouTube user builds a replica of the phaser gun from Star Trek that can pop a balloon

Captain Kirk and his crew from the massively popular TV series Star Trek used the phaser gun to annihilate evil aliens and save the species. The gun may have been just a prop used on the set but it has inspired a cult following and now someone has created a homemade replica of the same gun which may not help you kill, capture or stun aliens but it still allows you to shoot out a gorgeous blue laser that is powerful enough to destroy a balloon somewhere.

REAL Star Trek beam gun

We don’t really have the details of how the laser gun was assembled but the experts from speculate that a Blu-ray drive from a PlayStation 3 may have been used in the construction of the gun. No other details have been provided by the folks who created the gun and uploaded a video of it in action (again, simply annihilating a balloon and not doing anything productive or useful by any stretch of the imagination BTW) on YouTube for the benefit of the legions of fans that feed on intricate analysis of anything even remotely associated to the hit sci-fi series from way back when.

Even though no bids have been made on the replica so far, we completely expect the item to pop on eBay soon.

Via: Daily Mail

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