Your personalized picture frame-cum-wall clock

Now here’s a clock that lets you use your creativity than just tell the time. Priced at $48, it serves as a sort of picture frame-cum-wall clock as you get to insert your favorite pictures in the 12 mirror-finished stainless steel hour markers. So, get your favorite pictures and slide it into those 2″ x 1.5″ openings that each hour marker has and have your very own personalized wall clock.

A superb combination of style, innovation and functionality, this unique timepiece lets you do away with those innumerable small photo frames that crowd on your wall, mantelpiece, showcases, tables, and so on. So, wrack your brains, get those pictures out and come up with creative ideas.

You could slip in your family photos, your favorite destinations or maybe even the 12 sun signs. To make it more practical and useful, insert those small cardboard calendars, each month per hour marker, and voila! – You have your calendar-cum-wall clock. And to make it crazier, you can have your very own Ocean’s Twelve theme clock!

Source: Chiasso

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