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YBR bike system makes hiring a rental bike easy in cities

The YBR_bike system by designer Eliel Cabrera is a bike rental system created especially for inner city bicyclists. The bike rack is fashioned in cast iron and comes finished with black forge Oxiron paint over anti-oxidant phosphatizing primer that protects the stand from rust. Steel tweezers keep the rack anchored to the informational post with curved stainless steel plates being used to support the freestanding structure.

YBR_bike system

All the electricity required to run the electrical systems of the YBR_bike system is provided by a solar panel housed at the top of the information post with individual stands being fitted with bike system identification including a QR code, bike rental company information, helpline numbers, zone identification as well as information about the system that a particular bike runs on. Users can scan these QR codes to obtain information about maps, location of the bike station, basic fees, rental conditions, etc.

To hire a bike from the YBR_bike system, an NFC system located at the top of the hire machine can be used to make payments. This hire machine comes with a ticket receipt window, an input keyboard, slots for the rent card and credits cards as well as a touchscreen interface. The bike rack itself comes with a single push-button mechanism at the top that can be used to anchor and release the bike from the stand.

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