Yasher, portable solar electric generator inspired by military equipments

A generator proves to be nothing less than a blessing when it comes to providing electricity to power various gadgets/tools or simply lighting up an area where the electricity supply has been cut or absent due to some reasons. This back up power source comes wrapped with a lot of usefulness, but what happens when it is needed in difficult to reach areas? Treacherous terrain, bumpy grounds or rubble can prove to be a great hurdle and crossing all this gracefully will be Yasher, which has been designed by Jorge Eduardo Armendariz. The generator can be tagged as a true outdoor portable device as it will work well in non prepared environments, field encampments as well as emergencies.


Yasher is a heavy duty solar electric generator, which is portable in nature. It will harness solar energy for various needs that may arise. The industrial designer fetched a lot of inspiration from military tanks, equipments and armored transportation to come up with a generator that is not only portable but quite sturdy as well. It will work well in the toughest of terrains and will be of utmost help in emergency situations, where access to various things becomes very difficult and lack of electricity further acts as a hurdle during the rescue operation.

The outer device high ranks on the functionality graph, apart from being aesthetically appealing. The solar electric generator can provide a 12V DC power supply for a good four hours. This time can vary according to the number of devices the generator is connected to. It further has an overall charging capacity of 90ah, thanks to the presence of two 45Ah gel batteries.

The portable outdoor device can be easily transported from one place to the other, without the fear of bumpy grounds or rough terrain taking over your senses. Yasher is definitely tough and pretty reliable, but that doesn’t mean it has no right to look good. The designer left no stone unturned to make the solar electric generator eye appealing and injected it with lot prettiness. The device will show its true ability and what it’s worth once it touches muddy surfaces or is introduced to a heavy tropical rain. The case has been designed in such a way, which will prove to be a great way of protecting the device when being transported through rough conditions.

Once Yasher reaches the desired destination, it can be removed and used again only when needed. The same case will double as the main supportive structure for the mounting of the solar cell surface while installed. This also ensures that all the components are used well and not left to rot around. Yasher, with its good looks, will make sure that life doesn’t come to a haul be it any situation or condition due to the lack of electricity at least.

[Thanks Jorge]

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