Xtrude Case is a suitcase inside a suitcase

Xtrude Case

How often have you faced the trouble of either carrying a very large or small suitcase? When out on a holiday, we hardly contemplate the amount of stuff we often buy. This leads to added miseries when the extra room (4cm in height) in the suitcase is not enough after unzipping it. Steffen Molgaard Larsen has designed the Xtrude Suitcase keeping in mind such travel related troubles.

It is actually a suitcase inside a suitcase. Don’t get confused and read ahead. The luggage bag can be effortlessly divided into two smaller cases, where one fits into the other. The principle from a telescopic arm has been applied while splitting the suitcase into two halves. The principle is already being used for bags in the form of a pull-out handle that is used to carry it on wheels. The designer has ingeniously added a few more adjustment points, which will let a user alter the size while keeping the extendable handle when on the move.

Xtrude has been designed in a simple manner with a round and soft touch. It has been crafted from leather. It will also be produced in traditional nylon to keep the cost low. The suitcase will be split into two colors, which will reveal the transformation and also create an attention-grabbing color pattern. The working comes sans any difficulty and is user-friendly. Simply, unzip the case and pull it apart after releasing the locks. Now, unzip the cover into two lid parts and zip them on the suitcase to close it. Lastly, pull out the handle and carry it with you. It can be used as a hand luggage bag when folded and also as a normal luggage bag when fully enlarged. The design will kill all worries of adding and deleting extra space.

To protect it from damage, hard rubber band has been fitted on the edges. Xtrude will provide extra room in real sense. The all purpose suitcase will give you more freedom, in terms of storing stuff while traveling.

[Thanks Steffen]

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