XS Chair: Trash in a useful package

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Nick Demarco, a student at the California College of Arts has created a chair literally out of garbage. Nick has taken all the cardboard and cloth waste and wrapped it up in vinyl to form a base for the XS Chair. For the backrest and armrests, Nick has used plenty of plastic bottles. The biggest upside to this project is that it involves almost no expensive recycling and is built completely by good old human power. I wish Nick had covered the entire XS with a colored piece of vinyl that would’ve hidden all the trash beneath and behind your butt. But maybe he left it uncovered to showcase what the XS Chair was all about. Meanwhile, Nick says that the future XS Chairs would come covered up with plastic mesh. Once that’s done, the XS Chair will look a whole lot better. I give a thumbs up for this project for its sheer simplicity and the fact that it can be built by almost anybody. Check out the video after the jump.

Via: Ecofriend

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