XOS 2 Exoskeleton endows wearer with superhuman strength

Raytheon has pronounced a revamped version of the wearable Sarcos XOS 2 robotic suit. The suit has made headlines for its displaying power that allows armed forces men to engage in heavy duty activities with greatly reduced muscle fatigue. The suit is built from a combination of structures, sensors, actuators and controllers, and it is powered by high pressure hydraulics. It features a lighter, stronger frame that uses up to 50 percent less power, thereby significantly reducing power consumption.

The special design helps encounter logistic challenges in military theater. With all the lifting capabilities, the XOS 2 can reduce both strain and exertion for the soldiers while at the same time getting the work done faster and efficiently. This would also help reduce injury while allowing military personnel to be reassigned to more strategic tasks.

Via: Gizmodo

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