Xelo display stands for retail usage

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The Xelo stand is a marvelous combination of function, safety and innovative design. The idea of running a showroom is to have an attractive point of sale. What more could you ask for when you have these sleek and attractive stands that help you display anything you want. It holds a 40”x60” screen and is available in a number of colours. These Xelo stands can be personalized at any point of your purchase, before or after. It is possible to have your slogans and eye-catching logos displayed as and when you want. Another possibility is add a custom made adhesive graphic to any surface of your Xelo stand. Accessories like shelves, sliding devices, mounting frames can all be added later without violating the aesthetics of the stand.

The stand and its accessories are made of high quality steel and the available brackets are suitable to the majority of the popular screens. That is not all because if you were thinking that the cables look ugly, they can be hidden as well. Now you know what you must do to keep your customers a little longer in your shop- just install these stands in your shop to change the entire look of the shop floor. The Xelo stands start from a price of $1,199.
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Via: Highdisplay

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