X3 provides a comfortable ride for nomadic travelers

x3 travel bike for long distance  01
Bikes or trikes are usually considered ideal for short-distance traveling, allowing bikers to make their way through cramped roads in urban environments. However, in the recent days, we have seen plenty of biking nomads covering longer trips on their bicycle that not just helps in sustaining the environment but also keeps bikers in good shape. Inspired by the re-incarnation of bikes, the Sdesign Unit has devised a travel bike called “X3” that allows long-distance bicycle travelers to cover 80km-120km per day without over-straining their bodies. Finished with carbon fiber and plastic, the bike is not just lightweight and durable, but its compact measurements (H1020 X W900 X D2300 mm) apart from easy storage (rather parking) also support effortless maneuvering in trying conditions. Featuring recumbent type (riding in lying down position) for optimum comfort, the X3 travel bike also offers space to carry camping equipment for cooking and pitching a tent, together with a tool kit for instant repairing on the go. In addition, the X3 bike is capable of altering its form according to road conditions.

x3 travel bike for long distance  02
x3 travel bike for long distance  03

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