WWOO Outdoor Kitchen touts an almost maintenance free, modular design

Outdoor kitchens have always fascinated humans, which gives us a chance to cook in the surroundings around and enjoy the weather. But, sadly these kitchen any day cost a bomb and their prices touch the sky making them slip in the unaffordable range. More than indoor kitchen, they require a lot of maintenance and are poorly designed in most cases. Putting all such woes to rest is Piet Jan van den Kommer with a smarty designed outdoor kitchen named WWOO.

WWOO Outdoor Kitchen

WWOO is a very practical design, which has been fashioned out natural materials. These are modular kitchens and the use of concrete makes them almost maintenance free. The modular nature will give added advantage of getting different parts as per a user’s whims and fancies. Simply choose all that you need to make your outdoor kitchen needs complete and ignore rest of the stuff. This clearly means WWOO can be modified according to different needs, which crop up with different kinds of users.

The kitchen can be given any length and can be further added with extra things like a handy workout area or even a bathroom. The personalized outdoor kitchen comprises of various kinds of components, which will give a buyer the freedom to incorporate his own ideas. WWOO outdoor kitchen comes at a started price of 900 Euros, which will include a counter, shelf and six foot high wall. Relish delectable meals with your family and friends, while enjoying the pleasant weather and surrounded by greenery.

Via: Tree Hugger