Writing desk: Use it the way you like!

writing desk
Here is a bench promising comfort that you always long for. If you like to use it even while standing, so you can use it, like that of your college lecturer and if not in a mood to stand and planning to work on PC or laptop just fold it a bit and it would be there providing you with an ideal sitting arrangement. The out-folding surface is approx. 65 cm deeply and approx.80 cm broad. Work height here are the 72 cm according to standard at the upper edge. Interestingly, its upper plate could be straighten and could be bent, even; therefore, you can use it for writing purpose too. What I liked about this desk, above all, is its multi-dimensional form, that makes it easy to use, even while encroaching lesser space! Check out more pictures in the Image gallery after jump.

Via: Etsy

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