The Wrap Cable Winder makes European iPhone chargers more American friendly

American tourists or people who have bought their iPhones from the U.S. will know what a pain it is to carry around that spare adapter when you’re visiting Europe or parts of Asia that don’t have the same electrical outlets as the U.S.. though the add on is pretty standard and is now being retailed as the default charger for newer iPhones sold in Europe, its form has been borrowed by designer Michiel Cornelissen to create a whole new kind of iPhone charger that allows you to neatly wrap up the loose USB charger cable around it when you need to store the accessory.

iPhone charger into a cable winder

Dubbed very simple ‘The Wrap’, the iPhone charging accessory us fashioned from a 3D printed Polymide that allows to remain very lightweight yet quite tough with a smooth surface. When you need to use the wrap, simply loosen the cord from around the device and plug in the USB to your phone.

When you need to store your charger, simple take the cord out of your iPhone and clip it securely around your charger to turn it into a handy cable winder. The easy to clip on Wrap negates the need to carry around another cable management device with your iPhone charger and retails for $10 each.

Source: Michiel Cornelissen

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