World’s smallest washing machine ‘Scrubba’ offers compact portability

Most of us want to travel light. There is nothing more annoying than a packed backpack which constantly reminds you of the load that you need to shed. But when the trip is long and you need to pack plenty of clothes to accommodate for the duration of your latest expedition, it is hard to do away with the pain of all the extra baggage. Of course, one way of cutting back is to wash clothing regularly and that is where Scrubba comes in uber-handy.

Scrubba Portable Washing Machine

This unique portable washboard gives you a portable and easy-to-use washing machine all packed into a 180g satchel. Designed by Ashley Newland, this seal-able bag contains a flexible washboard on the inside. All you need to do is pour some water in, put a few drops of washing agent of your choice, stuff your old dirty clothing inside and with a minutes scrub; you will have clean clothes on hand again.

This ingenious little device was an idea that Struck Newland on his trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro, which once again proves that necessity, is indeed the mother of invention. Easy to carry around, simple to use and efficient results mean that the Scrubba could be a must for those who like to travel light while exploring the Outback. But if you want to buy one of these then you will have to just wait a little bit longer as Australia’s Calibre8 is soon going to come out with the Scrubba.

Via: Gizmag

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