World Heritage Center to preserve the natural sites of Jeju Island

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Preserving the natural sites of Jeju Islands, South Korea, Kyungam Architects teaming up with Sun Architects has come up with a heritage center that presents a view of the geomunoreum volcano to harmonize with the surroundings. Based on the concept of “heritage loop,” advocating that natural heritages should be passed on from one generation to the next, the heritage center comprises a number of multi-purpose zones devoted to exhibition, education, research and maintenance. Featuring a façade made of a local material, materuak hyunmuam, the structure separates the interior with glass walls to create open spaces. In addition, the Jeju World Natural Heritage Center integrates a cafeteria and observatory on the top floor, presenting a mesmerizing view and a place of leisure to the visitors.

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Via: Designboom

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