Word Clock by Simon Heys relies totally on the written dialect

wordclock LH8Ao 58

Words! That’s just what a content writer like me needs in her spare time! I really wonder what inspired Simon to design this clock/screen saver for Mac and Windows. Not that I’m cribbing about the design, I think it’s a great execution to a train of thought. Depicting the times using words the way he has, is quite artistic actually. Language barrier has also been conquered as its available in 31 languages. What’s interesting is that the clock is available in two different formats; Linear and Rotary. The Rotary clock is a cross between words and analogue clocks. The only word of caution that Simon points out is that if you use this screensaver with a plasma or CRT screen, it may cause a burnout.

wordclock 1 35ftV 58
wordclockrussian vGeUl 58

Simon Heys via Geek&Hype

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