Woodpecker alarm clock takes you close to the nature

the alarming clock 01

Designed to enhance your waking experience by improving your sleep rhythm, designer Natalie Duckett has created an alarm clock with two alarms, morning and evening, to ensure at least 8 hours of sound sleep. Made from natural materials, the clock blows a mechanically programmed alarm that sounds as if a woodpecker is drumming his beak against a tree, which the user can manipulate by placing the beak against various surfaces/objects. Another interesting feature of woodpecker alarm clock is the removal of the clock interface. Instead, the clock presents preset morning alarms that once selected, automatically set the corresponding evening alarm. To quote Natalie,

I was inspired when I was exchanging sleep experiences with friends and family. I found that no one liked their alarm signal or in fact their waking experiences. It became my mission to improve this.

the alarming clock 02
the alarming clock 03
the alarming clock 04
the alarming clock 05
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[Thanks Natalie]

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