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Wooden Speaker Docks to amplify your iGadgets

Who wouldn’t hang onto hats for an aesthetic fusion of euphonious tunes and great style that also epitomizes the essence of nature? If you are a music and nature admirer, you would know what exactly we are talking about. Although there are endless docking stations available that eye on your delicate Apple devices, but latching onto a dock made using pure wood is something that definitely stands out. For the given fact, these docks not only render a truly immersive music listening experience, but also take care of your surroundings in a significant way. Listed below are such 10 amazing wooden speaker docks (off course, picked up by us) that beautifully combine docking stations with biodegradability for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Take a look.

Handmade Wooden iPhone/iPod docking station with speakers

If you ever thought manufacturers could not really merge exquisite and utmost usability to their piece of art, then you might have to shift your thoughts around. The beautiful Handmade Wooden iPhone/iPod docking station intriguingly represents a sturdy amalgamation of clean fabrication and powerful performance. Carved in cedar wood with polished edges, the device comes equipped with strong built-in speakers to add smooth tunes to your experience. Designed in a classy style to harmonize well with your iGadget, the dock not only brings one closer to the nature, but also enables quality sound. The latter, however, extracts energy from the neatly embedded Altec Lansing speakers. The attractive yet simple model also catches attention for integrating two USB cables and a headphone jack cable. So in a nutshell, whether you want to charge your docking station, listen to your favorite songs, or just admire the beauty of nature, Handmade Wooden for iPhone/iPod makes a great pick. If convinced enough, $238 is what then you will have to give away.

Wood Music speaker dock for iPod

Enshrouded strikingly with an extreme real nature feel, Wood Music Speaker might just be what you were rifling through for – if nature blended with top-notch functionality ever rested onto your list. Made from salvaged timber with holes drilled into the log, the device not only churns out green tunes from your iPod, but also complements the interiors in a very unique way. The structure which boasts of recycled aesthetics, however, grabs the highest points for sweeping many off their feet. The eco friendly speaker incorporates holes to produce sounds and button for the speaker’s function. If you love nature and enjoy embellishing your home’s interiors with something classic yet environmentally friendly, the unique way of using the wood music should seriously satiate all your needs. However, the price point for iPod’s Wood Music speaker somewhere remains somewhat hazy.

iTree – iPhone and iPod Dock Station

Another docking station that might intrigue you more than anything else comes from KMKG Design House (hailing from Austria). Entitled iTree, the docking station benefits from a simple tree trunk to get its work done seamlessly. Really huge in appearance (although, its developers are claiming it to be the world’s largest dock), the eco friendly solution zeroes in on delivering voluminous yet defined acoustic spatial experience. The iPhone and iPod speaker also comes embedded with wireless LAN streaming technology. What may perk up your experience even further is the natural tree trunk (nonetheless, make sure you have enough space in your room to get it fixed). Indeed a one of a kind creation, iTree from KMKG however will dig a huge hole in the pocket with a tag that reads around $14,982. Too expensive, isn’t it?

Koostik’s Wooden iPhone Speakers

How about amplifying volume of your iPhone whilst very much maintaining the nature around? Well, the handmade Wooden iPhone Speaker from Koostik is one such creation that delivers the kind of unplugged, raw acoustic music you were looking for. Devised to function the same way an acoustic guitar does, the eco friendly device gets you all your tracks in unprecedented clarity but with no electricity needed. Now, that’s what “eco friendliness” means in real sense. Nevertheless, the dock for iPhone will make you shell out anywhere from $85 to $90 depending on what wood you opt for.

Handmade Wooden iPod Dock Speaker

Joining our list next for awesome wooden speaker docks for iGadgets is Michael Child’s Handmade Wooden iPod Dock Speaker. So what does really distinguish this one? A structure made of solid oak and rear volume control should topple as our answer. Beautifully conceptualized, the model offers music aficionados with unrivaled sound, thumping details and amazing clarity. There are two 2” drives as well, which respectively find an accommodation at the two ends of the unit. The wooden speaker also equips an AC plug (however, take notice the device doesn’t charge your iPod). You will be required to fork out $80 to get your hands on this one.

House of Marley Offers Wooden Speaker Dock

House of Marley’s Wooden Speaker Dock has also caught quite a lot of limelight in recent times. Aimed for Apple i-devices, the docking station indeed brings an incredible sense of style to music lovers. The device receives its graceful foundation from polished, sculpted Forward Stewardship Council wood. Perfect for users who seek an intrinsic combination of great looks, great performance and great concern for eco friendliness, House of Marley Wooden Speaker Dock however comes heavy at $600.

Vers 2x iPod/iPhone wooden speaker Dock

We also liked Vers 2x iPod/iPhone wooden speaker dock that gains additional points for its beauty and ability to extract the best musical caliber from your Apple device. Settled with a natural looking cheery-veneered wooden cabinet, the dock from Versaudio literally stands apart for endowing plastic docking stereos. The room-filling sound performance, whereas, stems out from two 3” full range speakers. Priced at $149, the attractive system even boasts of its adapters (for your charging needs) and a slick brushed metal 14-function remote control.

iPhone-iPod speaker dock

Amidst our other wooden speakers comes iPhone-iPod speaker dock. Designed quite interestingly, the handmade solution feature high-end speakers that can make even dead tracks sound lively and chirpy. The diminutive yet powerfully dock showcases an amalgamation of modern components with the ancient look. What makes the speaker walk an extra mile are the integrated steampunk traits and amplifiers that generate 15 watts per channel. Tagged for $299, the unique iPhone-iPod speaker dock furthermore sustains the ecological balance for its beautiful fabrication which has been outlined using aspen wood.

Radiopaq i40 Wooden Speaker Dock for iPhone/iPod

Slipping away from catching a sight of “Radiopaq i40” Wooden Speaker may sound just next to impossible, especially when sublime dock stations are discussed across the table. Merging simplicity, style and astounding sound, the model for iPhone and iPod promises to deliver power without any distortion, detail without any compromise and bass without any rumble. The compact yet highly elegant speaker also ensures full range and configuration with a Class A/B analogue amplifier. There will be a mighty 5.25” bass speaker, 3.5mm Aux audio input port, and 2.1 channel audio output as well to complete your journey. All of this and probably a lot more will cost you about £165.

Wooden Mini Speaker Dock

Wrapping up our listing for green docks for iGadgets is – the superbly wee-sized Wooden Mini Speaker Dock. As its name suggests, the unit snoozes in a very small chassis but ensures to proffer a huge performance level. Targeted at those who enjoy piggybacking their docks anywhere, anytime, the handmade mini version incorporates a wooden casing made of apricots. A clean, beautiful angled groove has been included too, to hold your iPod’s wings comfortably. Weighing as little as 15g, the dock however doesn’t forget sporting a built-in rechargeable battery that can offer up to 5 hours of external playtime. So, how much would you pay out for this midget device? While you get swamped with guessing, let us reveal the price that comes to $39,99. Anyways, worth enough!

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