Wooden Pininfarina Cambiano looks as good as its metallic counterpart

Pininfarina Cambiano may have been a show stealer in the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, given the excellent combination of metal pieces which have been put together. However, this definitely did not deter the design house to commemorate the mind boggling experience the metallic ensemble had on its audience. They are back now, not with the original version, but with a replica and that too carved out of wood completely.

Pininfarina Cambiano

The wooden version of the car depicts each and every detail with close proximity, letting people wonder on the true version’s real beauty. The designers, located at Riva 1920 have put together a really great piece of art, which shall be showcased in 2012 Milan Furniture Show. The whole car model has been expertly carved out of reclaimed Venice Briccola wood with a touch of the true Italian experience.

The wooden model even bears resemblance to its original metallic parent. Riva 1920 have crafted the interiors out of the same wood. No wonder, each and every cut is showing off its petite little charm with a glow accustomed to its own device. Definitely a visual feast for all those car lovers out there. Go and grab a bit of your own viewing space in the Milan Furniture show.

Via: Auto Blog

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