Wooden mixtape cassette table adds a fun filled retro vibe to interiors

Who doesn’t love gleeful pieces that ooze out a happy go lucky charm? Just take a look at the picture above. Aren’t the cutesy geometric patterns and fun filled cut outs on this table absolutely endearing. Pull all the elements together and you will see that the table has actually been crafted to look like a cassette tape. A whiff of nostalgia hits you! And, when you take a close look at it, you will be literally swimming in memories of the good old days. The niceties of this design are really that overwhelming.

Mixtape Retro-riffic Coffee Table

Every detail that you can possibly remember from the mixtapes of yesteryears has been pared out with careful attention in here. The rectangle in the middle is flanked by two circular voids on either side. There is even a recessed notch in the rectangle because that’s where the label was usually glued. The piece even has four empty circles at the edge that were used to hold the cassette inside the stereo player.

The whole arrangement has been hand carved by Jeff Skierka from reclaimed woods like maple and walnut and then fitted with a plexiglass top. Its quirky and childish appeal will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Even the tape running at the bottom of cassettes along with the coils has not been forgotten. A strip of dark wood has been affixed in these areas to represent them. Additionally, the dowel rods hang in place of its gears.

The fussy designer of this piece didn’t stop here. The table even has reversible sides in different wood grains to represent side A and side B of the mixtape cassettes! Moreover, it keeps to the dimensions of a real cassette with its 12:1 proportion. The fun piece will be an excellent addition to the games area of your house. The entire family will just mob around it for an easy banter if it is placed in a family room or your kid’s bedroom.

Via: Inhabitat

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