Wooden iPhone/iPod docking station doubles as amplifier speaker system

iphone ipod speaker dock

Ever wondered to what other use could your iPhone-iPod dock be put to? Apart from a charge/sync dock, it can act as an amplified speaker system too. There are three logs, each of which acts as a part of the system. There are two inconspicuous logs, which perfectly hide the speakers. This iPhone-iPod dock is made from a natural resource – a homegrown, organic log. It is eco-friendly since the log would otherwise, either rot or will be burnt as fuel.

The system, which includes two speakers and a central charge/sync dock, is placed in a piece of log, each about 5-6” in diameter. You can sync/charge the iPhone/iPod with a computer using a cable with USB port. The amplifier is placed in the center log, which produces a 15 watts output per channel. An impressive output can be obtained as 2” full range drivers are used in the speakers. Though the 7-1/2” high speakers aren’t the high-quality, but they are sure to get you grooving.

The specially designed and hollowed out log produces a good pristine sound. The system is equipped with blue LED to signal if unit is turned on or off, along with ON/OFF-VOLUME knob. The lightweight system weighs around 8 lbs, which can be easily shelved. The docks would be customized in a minimum of 2 weeks.

Source: Etsy

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