Wooden Golf Club iPhone Dock or how to destroy a valuable golf club and an iPhone

Words like ‘vintage’, ‘antique’, ‘heirloom’ and ‘collectible’ have no significance for the decadent iPhone paraphernalia makers who really only seem to care about being able to turn almost anything and everything into an iPhone dock as long as there is someone dumb enough to buy such a thing out there. Part of the Fore!Wood™ Collection from the Etsy shop that specializes in wood docking stations RockAppleWood, the impractical iPhone dock basically lets you seat your phone atop a golf club from the classical wooden headed golf club making era that lasted from the 1930s right up to the 1980s and this particular baby features a genuine 1930’s C.S. Butchart 4 Wood Deluxe golf club. Born in 1876 in Carnoustie, Scotland Cuthbert Stachan Butchart was a famous professional club maker that served the exclusive clientele at the Westchester N.Y.-based Biltmore Country Club.

Golf Club iPhone Dock

The vintage club features a 4 plate brass bottom that has the words “Deluxe” indicating the genuine handiwork of Butchart. Though the modder who ruined the vintage and precious piece of golfing legend has not specified whether the club will stay put when stood on the head or if it will need to be leaned against a wall or a support structure, it has got to be one of the stupidest iPhone charging docks out there for sure.

What makes the dock even dumber is that it comes with a 6 feet ling USB cord that allows you to sync or charge your phone when you decide that the golf club charger is just not worth displaying outside and choose to stuff it in a closet! The Vintage Wooden Golf Club iPhone Dock is worth $100 when you buy it from the Etsy store.

Via: Etsy

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