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‘Wooden Foliage’ recreates natural playfulness of dried foliage for the indoors

Designer Rooshad Shroff from Mumbai-based Rooshad Shroff Architecture + Design and designer Jwalant Mahadevwala from Ahmedabad-based AndBlack Design Studio collaborated to create the Wooden Foliage project. Based in Ahmedabad, India, the project was completed on 10th June, 2012. The project is currently on display at in the main plaza of the Ahmedabad, india-based CEPT University’s School of Interior Design (SID). The designers were asked to repurpose wood parts left over from a previous project at the institute into a canopy using the resources available at the institute’s Design Innovation and Craft Resource Center (DICRC).

'Wooden Foliage' by Jwalant Mahadebwala and  Rooshad Shroff

The designers had just 72 hours within which they had to design and manufacture the piece of sculptural art. The Wooden Foliage project is composed of over 7,000 wooden discs and a100 cylindrical wooden elements that are held together by 26,000 staples. The structure of the project resembles a canopy as well as dried out foliage which makes it an ideal companion to shady trees as well as nature-themed interior décor. The ‘Wooden Foliage’ also serves as an interactive light sculpture that plays with light and creates a playful show of shadows on the ground that changes as the angle of the sunlight changes through the day. Suspended between two trees, the Wooden Foliage also serves as a shading device.

Via: Designboom

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