Wooden Excavator sculpture is a symbol of our industrial state of mind

Wooden Excavator

I like it when art really makes a statement and makes my gray matter tickle and this astonishingly detailed Wooden Excavator sculpture certainly has my neurons firing left, right and center. Put together by the art studio Rob Fisher’s Woodchuck & Co., the 1/16 scale model depicts a front shovel-more specifically, the Caterpillar 5230B. The installation is crafted out of over 4000 parts that took a team of artists 3K+ hours to assemble.

Measuring 1.5ft x 2.1ft x 1.5ft, the hardwood sculpture is semi-functioning, i.e., it can roll on its tracks, open its jaws, has a hidden storage compartment, and can extend its cylinders but don’t really expect it to help you dig up your backyard for the new pool. What really sets this piece high up on the art scale though is the fact that it juxtaposes the concepts of destruction and nature what with it being an excavator mostly used to bring structures down, that is made out of wood- the most poignant symbol of creation.

The sculpture also intertwines the notions of civilization being at odds with nature as well. The wooden sculpture thus takes on a metaphorical life of its own with its industrial nakedness starkly highlighted against the embrace of the timbery structure. The remarkable piece, although doesn’t really strike one immediately as something you’d wanna display in your living room or hotel lobby without being too worried about it clashing it with the decor, but if you love yourself some tools, this puppy can be yours for $39,500.

Via: Gizmodo

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