Witches broom adds comfort to skating thrill

witches broom  01
Skating and skateboarding down the street may let you undergo an enthralling experience, but dragging or controlling the skateboard on ascending terrains often proves demanding on the rider’s body. Addressing the issue, designer Maria Roland Reininger has come up with an innovative drive system named “Witches Broom” that allows the skateboarders and skaters to move briskly and safely across the challenging terrains without putting maximum physical efforts to their excursions. Powered by electric motors and fuel cells, the broom features a single-arm fork and replaceable tires, while the folding and adjustable handle supports better power distribution. The drive system includes a folding seat, so you can ride in both sitting and standing positions according to your convenience. Moreover, its ergonomic and collapsible design helps in easy storage and transportation.

witches broom  02
witches broom  03
witches broom  04
witches broom  05
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Via: Rland

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