Wise Clock 3 alarm clock brings retro tech back in some style

If you simply hate the interface of your regular alarm clock and find it too modern and boring, perhaps this geeky Arduino-compatible alarm clock called the Wise Clock 3 might suit your liking much better. A standalone alarm clock at its heart, the Wise Clock 3 can be used to display the time, current temperature, day of the week and the date in Pacman mode or Pong mode.

Wise Clock 3

Though the features of the clock are rather limited in comparison to most digital alarm clocks and other similar time pieces out there, the Wise Clock 3 offers a simple hackable interface that can display a personalized message or quotations selected by you via an SD card. The only available alarm sound on the clock is a retro buzzer sound which fits in perfectly with the retro/obsolete theme of the gadget.

The Wise Clock 3 is built using open source hardware and software and an ATmega644P microcontroller and comes with a 32×16 red, green, orange LED display. The clock can be programmed using the Arduino IDE and a 6-pin FTDI cable which allows users to customize the clock according to their own personal tastes and requirements. The Wise Clock 3 retails for $159 via the seller’s Etsy store.

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