Re-Wired Helmet allows the deaf to ‘hear’ sounds as haptic sensations

Re-Wired, a fantastic new project by designer Amelia Marzec uses bone conduction technology to produce haptic signals from ambient sound. Amelia started exploring the possibilities of developing a DIY medical contraption that could restore the hearing in one of her ears after a tumor disabled her hearing. Two months after she lost the hearing capacity in the tumor affected ear, she created the Re-Wired Helmet that allows users to forgo having a device implanted in their skulls via screws without necessitating surgery.

Re-Wired Helmet

The device basically aims at allowing users to sense sound as a physical sensation. The helmet allows users to roam around while wearing the device. The helmet itself contains a range of small components like effects circuits, vibration components, signal amplifiers and sensitive microphones that can be adapted to any head shape. The sides of the helmet feature sound and volume control dials for customizing settings.

The wearer’s haptic perception is isolated via a hearing protection gear and allows the user to hear sounds via their skull. The outer shell of the helmet is separated from the skull itself via suspended bands that are adjustable and allow the vibrating elements to be seated against the forehead. Not only does the technology allow users to bypass painful surgery, it also allows them to feel a larger range of sounds as well.

Via: Makezine

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