Wine rack inspired by cancer survivors to help raise funds for charity

Most pieces of art we see these days are created for the sake of creating something and often do not have a back story to enrich them. This art piece designed like a wine rack, however, is one piece that not only serves a real function in one’s house, but also stands for the trials and triumphs of cancer survivors. Created for cancer survivor Erin Zammett Ruddy by Akke Functional Art’s Axel Yberg, the piece is called In Vino Vitae which roughly translates as “in wine there is life.”

Functional Art Piece

The heartwarming project came into being when Erin asked the designer to create a wine rack for her and her sister Melissa, who is also a cancer survivor as a symbol of the comfort and joy they found in enjoying and sharing wine with their family and friends. The plumbing pipes used in the rack stand for the challenges faced by Erin in her struggle to fight the disease while other half of the inverse heart in softer wood stands for the warmth and love shared by the two sisters.

The three glass holder on either side stand for their parents, Erin and her sisters while the union of these elements Erin’s bond with her kids, Nora and Alex, as well as her husband, Nick. Since Erin was diagnosed with the disease at age 23, the number is also represented in the elements used in the set while the fact that the entire piece was made using reclaimed materials represents the second chance at life that Erin her sister have got. The piece will be used by Erin, who is nominated for the LLS Woman of the Year award, towards raising $100,000 in funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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