Wind clock demonstrates relative nature of time!

Wind clock is a weird contraption that lets us understand a different perspective of time. It is not a clock run by the power of wind as the name suggests; here we are not simply measuring the rate of passage of time like any other clock but it is designed to offer another way of looking at the passage of time.

Wind Clock

Even though we live our lives, make plans for all our activities with reference to time, hardly we try to understand the exact meaning of time. In terms of pure science we always perceive time tied to our perception of motion. The clocks we use simply give the relative position of time with reference to some point in history. The wind clock lets us view time in yet other dimension which prepares us for conceiving time in fundamental definition rather than relative value and understand the deeper meaning of universe.

Wind clock is a combination of mechanism that runs on conventional clock mechanism, but also the wind speed. There is a built in average speed of wind (arbitrarily defined, of course) and if actual wind has same vale of this normal speed, then the clock will move at the same rate as that of our usual clocks. If the wind speed is above this normal speed, then the clock will run at proportionately higher speed. It will run slow if the wind speed is less than normal.

The net effect of this mechanism is that we will be able to judge the time on the basis of wind speed as a dimension of measurement which is superimposed on the usual time with which we are acquainted (there is nothing sacrosanct about the time we use; all measurements of time are relative!). We will be able to relate the relative nature of the time as it is linked to another phenomenon, wind speed.

The same can be extended to other dimensions and this simple mechanism will help us to move on the path to understand the mysterious secret; time.

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