Wiggle Stool from Gehry: A modern piece of furniture from the past

wiggle stool 7860

This is one of the most innovative designs in stools that I have seen in some time. At first glance, the Wiggle Stool seems like a mattress or long piece of sponge folded into layers. The design is modern and chic, which is a surprise, becasue the item was designed back in 1963 by designer Frank Gehry and belongs to the Easy Edges Collection from 1972. It once again proves the maxim- ‘Old is Gold’. It is owing to its chic, sophisticated looks that it came back in production through Vitra. It’s the perfect piece of furniture for the living room, garden or even bedroom. In fact, it would fit well in offices as well. Owing to its neutral color, it will blend seamlessly with almost all kinds of decor. The size, 15.75 x 17″ x 16″, it is comfortable and well-suited for an average sized room. It has a price tag of $490.00.

Source: Retromodern

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