Wi Fi enabled cufflinks with 2GB USB storage for trendy geeks

Gone are the days when cufflinks were used to make clothes look pretty, as the new age cufflinks are here to give you a Wi-Fi hotspot when moving from one place to the other. The polished silver colored creations by Brookstone look like everyday cufflinks and have been crafted in a very neat manner.

USB Cufflinks

The cufflinks have a 2GB USB storage and are Wi-Fi enabled. They can be used to store and share important data. The cufflinks are perfect for businessmen, technology lovers and for people who travel a lot as these will provide a Wi-Fi hotspot to a variety of gadgets. They will also endow a user with the flexibility to access media servers from a host computer.

The oval shaped cufflinks can be easily connected to all kinds of smart phones, iPads and many other devices that have a wireless nature. The cufflinks turn into a Wi-Fi hotspot as soon as the accompanying software is downloaded and the USB hotspot is connected to the computer. The silver colored studs have a length, width and height measuring 0.75 inch, 0.75 inch and 0.25 inch, respectively.

The high-tech cufflinks are not cheap and come stashed with a price tag of $249.99. These will be a great addition if you are tech savvy and love ultra modern things. So, wear these stylish yet fully functional cufflinks to work and make eyes do a cartwheel in surprise.

Via: Gadgetreview

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