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Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper prevents pesky neighbors from stealing your internet

Cracking a neighbor’s Wi-Fi password is no big deal and an annoyingly large number of people abuse their knowledge of their neighbor’s personal lives to hook into their Wi-Fi network for downloading stuff they’d rather not have traced back to their own connection. The only realistic option to prevent Wi-Fi theft so far has been to go back to a cabled LAN router though that would render all our other Wi-Fi connected devices useless. However, Ahlstrom, a Finnish firm has acquired the license to sell what can best be described as“Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper” that can help you contain the signal within your house.

Anti-Wi-Fi wallpaper

Developed by researchers at the Centre Technique du Papier and the Institut Polytechnique Grenoble INP, this new wallpaper looks and feels just like regular wallpaper but contains silver particles which allow it to filter cellphone frequencies through, but block Wi-Fi frequencies from leaking out of a wallpapered space. Set to be sold in the same price range as your average mid-range wallpapers, the Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper will be available starting next year and we hope its maker will offer it in more color and pattern options, apart from the standard silver snowflake design.

However, to get this thing to actually block your signal within your walls, you’ll have to paper up your walls, ceilings and floors as well as your doors and windows. But the French developers assure us that they are hard at work trying to create a transparent thin-film version that can be used on glass and doors too.

Via: Dvice

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