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WhiteCrate makes functional and cost effective shelters using shipping containers

UK based WhiteCrate is known for reclaiming old structures and giving them a new lease of life. The company basically uses shipping containers to make all sorts of shelters and structures such as booths, compact retail stores, bars, small clinics, etc. They have built constructions like cafes, gaming booths and stage like platforms where artists can perform. They also make exhibit canopies where companies can showcase their brands and products.

Upcycled Shipping Containers

These structures can be either semi permanent or permanent and are available in three different sizes of 10, 20 and 40 feet. The company is very particular about its fit and finish, thus all installations are crafted with precision. The structures are outfitted with all basic amenities like power, security and ventilation. The company requires very little lead time and the structures can be transported and installed easily.

All constructions built by them are sustainable and look extremely trendy. The company is eco friendly in its approach. It mostly uses only locally sourced materials for building. This minimizes carbon footprint and also saves on the transportation cost. Additionally, the company is doing a very good turn by reusing waste. Moreover, the homes constructed by WhiteCrate are also very cost effective.

In fact, designs using repurposed shipping containers are getting very creative off late. They are being used to construct hospitality structures like pop up bars, restaurants, fast food outlets and even mobile hotels. They also come handy as official structures. For instance, classrooms, meeting rooms and mini studios are also being constructed. Even affordable residential structures and micro farming units are being manufactured from shipping containers.

Via: Inhabitat

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