White Water* Filtration System to utilize grey water

White Water*

Wasting clean water can lead to its shortage in coming times, which can act as a problem when performing daily chores. Water conservation is the best solution that can keep all water related worries at bay. David Locke has designed the White Water* Filtration System, which is simple and will blend perfectly with everyday life.

The water filtration system is quite different from regular options available in the market. The inverted cone-shaped product can be placed below the bathroom sink and can be nicely concealed in a vanity cupboard. A lot of water is wasted in the bathroom while washing our face, brushing, washing hands, etc. We don’t even think twice before letting this precious liquid go down the drain that how much time and efforts are needed to bring it back to the surface. The filter system has been designed in a way to make the most of grey water. White Water* has been fitted with three sustainable filters that make used water fit for consumption. The system makes the water reusable that can be used for different household purposes. The filters make the water so pure that it can be even used for drinking. Since, it will be placed in a vanity cupboard the sight of ugly pipes and chemical bottles will take a back seat.

It features a tap that has been styled like a beer tap that lets the filtered water to be distributed from the reservoir (when full) to other places by using an electric pump. White Water* Filtration System will help keep water wastage to a minimum, which will also relieve the environment from unwanted stress. The system can be easily wedged in houses. It will help save on water bills and will prove to be a boon for the low income group. The system will allow people to utilize water in an efficient way and will also reduce wastage.

Via: Behance

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