Wheelchair: Mobility Independent Concept for the physically challenged

Mobility Concept

There are a range of vehicles present in the market, but only a few understand the special needs of wheelchair users. It becomes difficult for people using a wheelchair to get in and out of car. They have to be lifted all the time, which can get tiring and prove to be a real task. Keeping all these troubles in mind, LeJuan Richardson has conceptualized a specialty vehicle named Wheelchair – Mobility Independent Concept.

The industrial designer understood the critical needs of wheelchair users and came up with a practical design. Wheelchair Mobility concept has a functional platform DNA, which will make entry and exit an easy task. It will unfurl a variety of loading options, which are absent in everyday vehicles. This will prove to be a blessing for physically challenged people and also for those who can’t get around without a wheelchair. The inside does not have seats and the empty space can be used to position wheelchairs directly. This means that folding the wheelchair takes a backseat, which is quite impressive.

The concept looks like a normal van at first sight, but has been injected with a wide range of useful features. The platforms can be extended from all the four sides of the vehicle and can be placed in different positions. This will delete the need of lifting the disabled, as one can easily push the wheelchair inside the car from all the four sides including the front. The awe-amazing specialty vehicle has a lot of storage space as well, which is in the form of large boxes or drawers. These boxes have been place in a way that will not limit the use of the functional platforms.

Wheelchair Mobility concept puts together a lot of loading options which are otherwise unavailable in other vehicles. This will make moving around pleasant and easy for physically challenged people.

Via: Coroflot

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