Well suited for urban travel, Fiat Mio concept turns driver into a passenger

fiat fcciii concept 1
After examining the huge outpour on its dedicated Fiat Mio website, the auto maker has designed a concept urban vehicle based on popular aspirations. Dubbed as the Fiat Mio concept, the single volume box shape car wears a sleek and futuristic well suited for urban travel. Adorning an uncluttered appearance, the vehicle has large glass windows and roof with the headlights camouflaged within the black glossy panel.

fiat fcciii concept 2
Most efficient in terms of interior space, the car provides seating for two. Equipped with stylish lounging the interior also has ergonomically placed easily accessible controls. The wheels of the car too are covered that help improve the aerodynamics, thereby increasing the vehicle’s efficiency.

fiat fcciii concept 3
fiat fcciii concept 4
fiat fcciii concept 5

Via: Diseno-Art

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