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WeBike pedal-to-power pod helps offices go green and employees get lean

Health and environmental advisories are issues left, right and center all the time though no one really pays much heed to them. However, Belgian company We-Watt decided not to ignore a few of these reports and used the findings published in two such reports to create one very functional and very useful product that benefits office employees and the environment as well.


Commissioned by the European Parliament, a report recently found that physical inactivity in offices has led to the rise of many health issues linked to obesity like type II diabetes, coronary heart disease and even a certain forms of cancer. Used in conjunction with the report by TNO, a Dutch research organization states that the gentle cycling helps people use their mental faculties better and improves certain functions like speed reading.

Thus, the WeBike pedal-to-power pod was born. The gizmo consists of a round table and three seats with a pair of pedals each. As users indulge in gentle cycling, the motion converts kinetic energy into electricity that in turn powers mobile gadgets generating around 30Watts /230Vac of output per seat. An interactive LED ring around the diameter of the table indicates available electricity backup while a high pressure Trespa laminated table to, reclaimed cedar wood construction and aluminum and steel bits make the pedal pod sturdy to work on.

We-Watt has already installed units of the WeBike pedal-to-power pod at the Brussels, Belgium-based ECKi restaurant and the Cameleon Shopping Mall and plan on installing such units at the Brussels Airport soon. The company has rental schemes for the pods on offer at the moment though individual units of the WeBike pedal-to-power pod can be bought for €9,950 (approximately $13,154) each.

Via: Gizmag

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