Seven wearable Wi-Fi detectors for the geeky

Wi fi detector

Wi-Fi lets you connect electronic devices wirelessly that is definitely a great way to keep away from cluttered wires. Almost all the modern day gadgets come with a Wi-Fi application. But, one has to switch on the device to check if there is any signal available and how strong it is. This can prove to be quite irritating at times. Designers have come up with products that will leave geeky souls impressed and wanting for more. Below is a list of seven wearable Wi-Fi gadgets that will make geeks look all the more stylish.

1. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt


Do you have to switch on your gadgets every time to check the Wi-Fi signal strength? Well, if you detest this step then the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt is just the thing for you. The 100% cotton T-shirt is black in color and features a removable animated decal. The animated patch has loops fasteners and hook that can be removed when washing the T-shirt. It shows signal strength of 802.11g or 802.11b. The inside of this product has a small pocket that will hold the battery pack. The bars glow and change colors according to the presence of Wi-Fi signal strength in that particular area. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt is very stylish and will make you stand out of the crowd. It will attract onlookers and leave them stunned while making you a Wi-Fi guru.

2. Hotspot Bloom

Hotspot Bloom

This cute orange colored flower with a yellow center is not an everyday fashion accessory. Karen Lee has designed the Hotspot Bloom that can sense the presence of signal strength of wireless networks in the area. The Wi-Fi detecting flower glows when it catches any signal. It is a very cute accessory that will make the wearer look fashionable while doubling as wearable technology. Hotspot Bloom is quite attention-grabbing and will make you the center of attraction as it glows and lend important information. It is a must have for all the tech-savvy ladies out there.

3. Wi-Fi Detector Watch


There are a sea of Wi-Fi detecting gadgets present in the market and joining the list is the Wi-Fi Detector Watch. Wear the watch around your wrist and see it sniff Wi-Fi signals for you in no time. The wristwatch has been wedged with abutton which when clicked will put on show the signal strength ranging from zero to eight. After reading the signal you can easily settle at a spot that will unfurl uninterrupted signal strength. Apart from this, you can also use it to set alarms and you can also exploit the world time zone feature. It has a steel casing, rubber strap and the EL back-light makes it look all the more interesting. The Wi-Fi Detector Watch is quite classy and can be worn everyday.

4. Wi-Fi detecting baseball cap


Welcome another WiFi detector that will decorate your cranium. The trendy Wi-Fi detecting baseball cap fetches all the power from a few CR2032 batteries. The wearable Wi-Fi detecting head gear will keep its wearer and people around them updated about the wireless signal strength in that area, which is displayed in the form of green colored indication that glows vividly. Be prepared to remove your cap time and again just to check the signal strength but for onlookers it will be a clear and easy indication.

5. Wi-Fi Detector Laptop Case

Laptop Case

A line of laptop bags named Soyntec Wiffinder is nothing like it regular counterparts. At first glance it will look like a normal laptop case but there is a Wi-Fi detector wedged on its surface if you observe closely. So, gone are the days when you had to make all the effort to take out the laptop from its case just to check the presence of any wireless signals around you. The bag will protect your gadget from potential damages, while giving you love updates about the signal strength as well.

6. Wi-Fi detecting shoes


Its time technology touches your feet as well in the form of Wi-Fi detecting shoes. They have been embedded with LEDs that blink when the shoes detect any wireless signal around them. The left shoe flap of these sneakers comes fitted with a Wi-Fi detecting unit that is capable of catching signals within a range of 50 meters. When you wear these sneakers the detector gets switched on robotically because of the pressure on the insoles. The LEDs remain steady when the signal is strong and in case of a weak signal they keep blinking continuously.

7. Wi-Fi Jacket


This Wifi Jacket looks nothing like a geeky costume and comes coated with a lot of elegance. Jenny Chowdhury has come up with a complete range of 802.11(Wi-Fi) Apparel that has been ornamented with technology. The jacket will sparkle after detecting radio waves that are invisible in the form of five stripes. So, flaunt your jacket and always keep connected with the world through Wi-Fi.

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