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Wearable fitness trackers to evaluate your workout

If you are wondering how you’re going to reach your fitness goals this year, invest in a good fitness tracking device that will keep track of your activities, pace, distance, calories burned and heart rate. These fabulous fitness trackers will help you stick to your lose/gain weight or simply stay fit and healthy program with the click of a button. Most of them are wearable, attaching easily to your wrist. Fitness trackers will help you save over hundreds of dollars you would otherwise have to spend on a personal trainer to meet your fitness needs. Fitness trackers also allow you to upload your workout stats on Facebook or Twitter, which is an awesome way to get support and encouragement from friends and family. Here is a list of top 10 wearable fitness trackers that have received some of the best reviews for their functionality and quality. Take a look.

Motorola MotoACTV Golf Edition

Motorola’s MotoACTV Golf Edition, an android-powered watch will keep track of all your activities and locations on up to 20,000 golf courses, giving you distance to the front, back and center of greens. It is like having a “virtual caddy,” which will track your scorecard, your clubs, record your key statistics and the number of greens you hit in regulation. When you get back home, you can view each of your shots by connecting your watch to your computer and analyze the game in depth. MotoACTV will track all of your physical activity as well, such as the number of steps you take each day. MotoACTV Golf edition costs $299.

Nike+ FuelBand

Exercise freaks will love Nike’s FuelBand, which will keep track of the calories burned doing any kind of exercise, along with the number of steps taken during the workout. Instead of wearing your sports watch, simply wear a Nike+ FuelBand while jogging, to track time while exercising. Nike+ FuelBand records your wrist movements as well, allowing you to earn NikeFuel scores. A NikeFuel score is accrued when you fulfill your fitness goals that you have set for yourself each day. In order to help you set new fitness goals each day, the NikeFuel score resets every midnight. When you meet your NikeFuel target for the day, all 20 color-coded LED lights on the band turn green to cheer you that you’ve achieved your goals for the day. You can analyze your NikeFuel scores and even share them across social media by syncing your FuelBand to your iPhone or PC via Bluetooth or a USB cable. The Nike+ Fuelband costs $149.

Fitbit Ultra

Fitbit Ultra is a must for health freaks as it will not only function as a pedometer but also work as a sleep monitor. It comes with a pressure altimeter that will in addition to keeping track of all the steps you take, also record the steps taken while climbing stairs or hills separately. Fitbit Ultra attaches easily to your wrist, and uses Wi-Fi to connect to your nearby computer where you can analyze and compare your fitness goals with others using web-based software. Fitbit Ultra comes in attractive blue and plum colors and costs $99.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Fitness Watch

Sony Ericsson’s Mobile Fitness Watch designed by Oystein Husby combines the functionality of a fitness tracker, cellphone, music player, and GPS system all-in-one. Simply wear this amazing watch on your wrist while jogging or working out, to make and receive calls, text messages, surf the web, listen to your favorite song and bring up GPS information, while recording your fitness activities at the same time. The watch is made from flexible polymer and comes with a docking station for quick recharge and auto-connection to your PC or smartphone wirelessly. This ultimate fitness companion costs around $66.99.

VEA Sportive

VEA, a French company has come up with the VEA Sportive mobile watch that doubles up as watch and mobile phone. Simply wear this watch around your wrist while working out, to track your pace, pulse rate, distances covered and calories burnt. This mobile watch features a sporty 1.5” touchscreen, and has a built-in camera and MP3 player with 8GB memory as well. Connectivity is a breeze with its Bluetooth functionality. One more interesting feature is its SOS alert, where a touch of a button will send out information of your location during an emergency. The Sportive mobile watch costs around $572.

Jawbone’s Wristband

Jawbone, a Bluetooth accessory company has come up with this smart wristband to help its users to improve their fitness levels and to eat and sleep a whole lot better. Jawbone’s wristband when worn around the wrist will track the lifestyle of the user all day long. The wristband comes in a water-resistant polymer, in seven attractive colors and three sizes fitted with a modern motion-sensing engine which automatically records the steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, speed and active verses inactive time including sleep patterns throughout the day. The wristband works with an app for iPhone or iPod, and allows the user to analyze their complete fitness data online and track progress. Jawbone’s wristband costs $119.97.

Adidas miCoach

Choose Adidas’s miCoach system if you can’t afford a personal trainer. miCoach will guide you throughout your workouts while keeping track of all your essential fitness data through an audio feedback system. The miCoach has built-in motion sensors to measure your speed and heart rate, and will “talk” to you on how to reach your fitness goals faster and better. Adidas’s miCoach system costs from $70 to $140.

NewYu Fitness Monitor

Simply clip on NewYu’s fitness monitor onto your clothing on the pocket or torso to accurately track your calories burned by your various activities throughout the day. NewYu is programmed with a special algorithm that enables it to differentiate between daily activities such as walking, jogging, aerobics or even chores such as cooking and cleaning so you get to know where you burn the most calories. NewYu comes with a “learning engine,” where users will be able to point out an activity they have recently completed and the system will recognize the wave patterns as that particular activity from then on automatically. NewYu can connect online to its extensive dashboard via USB or Bluetooth (for Android users) in real time. One more noteworthy feature is “CalorieKing” where users can view several healthy recipes for quick calorie tracking. NewYu’s fitness monitor costs $99.99.

Mark Of Fitness MF-180 Exercise Monitor

Mark of Fitness’s MF-180 exercise monitor will help fitness enthusiasts to effectively and conveniently track their calories burned, heart rate and recovery rate while exercising. The monitor simultaneously displays heart rate and percent of maximum heart rate, so you can control the intensity of your workout. The monitor has a water-resistant electro luminescent display panel for users to instantly track their fitness progress. MF-180 exercise monitor costs $67.95.

Garmin Forerunner 305

Garmin’s Forerunner 305 GPS device and heart rate monitor is a must buy for health conscious people who want to conveniently track their pace, speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned while exercising. It features a heavy-duty GPS system so you can use it freely under trees or tall structures. One amazing feature of this gadget is it can store your earlier workout sessions so you can compare and analyze your progress. It features a 1.3” display and a strong battery that lasts up to 10 hours. Forerunner 305 is equipped with multi-sport capacity, which means you can use it while doing any exercise such as jogging, biking, or walking without having to reset the monitor. This lightweight monitor comes with a USB cord to sync with your smartphone or laptop where you can analyze your fitness data. Garmin‘s Forerunner 305 costs from $130.00 to $150.00.

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