Wearable electronic musical instrument for modern age composers

The Concept:

Electronic music is evolving every day, hence the instruments need to adapt too. Korg Kaos MPC (Music Production Center) is a new age musical instrument made specifically for electronic music performers and producers. The versatile equipment can be used to emulate any musical instruments and also create experimental sounds. It has a fully functional MIDI keyboard, graphic EQ, personalized effects processor, several banks of readily usable loops, wireless connectivity and built in battery power. The utility instrument can be worn along the chest and gives access to all the parameters and functions at the user’s disposal. All parameters like sample EQ and filters can be edited in real time. The instrument also has a built in touch screen display for easier access.

Korg Kaos MPC

The Inspiration:

The design keeps in mind that DJs are independent when it comes to performing. Limited number of sounds and instruments limit the musical creativity. Use of many different sounds usually requires a lot of instruments. Playing so many instruments live could be tough task due to the problem of space. Korg Kaos MPC would be a cure for all these problems. The designer really paid attention to the fact that most of the electronic instruments are not wearable leaving the DJs immobile.

The design:

Korg Kaos MPC is an amalgamation of a MIDI controller, acoustic sound processing, loops, on board synthesizer and various other tools of electronic music production. The design focuses on use of more curves than angles. The MIDI controller can be used to play any sample or instrument during a live performance. This gives DJs a chance to use the most versatile sounds and samples for maximum creativity. You can also create your own preset for instrument, edit its sound and play prerecorded sound samples. The midi pad is a capacious keyboard. So you can record sounds via MIDI, create loops and then apply effects to the sample. The MPC is switched on by pressing the spring loaded adjustable screen. During the live performance user can wirelessly sync the MPC with his/her computer. The touch screen adds an ease of use. The device can use either external power which is accessible through the strap or it could use in built flexible polymer gel lithium ion batteries.

The fabulous:

Korg Kaos MPC is the first ever electronic musical instrument which can be worn. The size of the instrument can easily deceive you about its functionality but, it’s an all in one device when it comes to electronic music like trance, dubstep, electronica and techno. The device can be synced wirelessly with a computer for live performances. The ergonomic design makes it very easy to wear and play with all the parameters at disposal. The instrument can be powered either using external source or using the built in flexible lithium ion batteries.

The target:

This device would be very useful for people doing electronic music live or recorded. DJs would get the most benefit. This would also be great for people who want to get into making electronic music since it is very easy to use, versatile and has everything you would need.

Related Trends:

1. Akai renaissance:

Akai Renaissance

In this MPC, Akai has tried to incorporate the power of a computer. This helps keep things manageable and maintain the workflow. The hardware can be synced with the computer using MPC Renaissance software which lets you choose from a huge sample library. It has two midi inputs which can be used to connect two MIDI controllers and play through the instrument bank.

2. Akai MPC 5000:

Akai MPC 5000

This is the more advanced version of MPC2500. The most striking and less visible upgrade is the 80GB hard drive. MPC5000 offers increased sampling rate, which directly affects the sound. It also has a polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer with three oscillators and a built in arpeggiator with six patterns to choose from. You can record, view sound samples and edit them with gain, cut, copy, fade etc. functions. Akai incorporated a lot of functions, which were absent in traditional Akai MPCs.

3. Akai MPC 1000:

Akai MPC 1000

MPC 1000 is a 64 track MIDI sequencer and sampler made by Akai. It is very handy and fits in a small gig bag. It is preloaded with multi effects, filters and FX. It can also be upgraded from16MB to 128MB. It supports standard flash memory cards, which can be synced to a mac or PC. 16 velocity and pressure sensitive rubber pads provide enough beat and sample control. This is a compact low cost MPC that comes at the cost of a little sound quality. This is a very popular MPC amongst R&B, techno and Rap musicians.

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